Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Making of a Music Video

I thought Monday would be just like any other day at Les Enfants de Dieu. But I should know by now that normal does not exist at EDD. There are always new faces to see, new boys to meet, and new activities going on. On this particular Monday, the center was teeming with excited boys ready to participate in the making of a music video.

The backup dancers waiting for their part

I already mentioned Sam in a previous post. He was the mastermind behind the whole operation and recorded the song with a few of his friends. When a French photographer visited the center for a few days, he agreed to help Sam create his very own music video. The older boys at EDD were more than willing to lend a hand as backup dancers for the video. Decked out from head to toe with ridiculous clothing combinations that can’t help but make me laugh, the boys busted a move for the camera. 

Sam doing his thing

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Ally Bataille said...

That's absolutely awesome. You'll have to let us know when it's all done so we can watch!!