Monday, October 3, 2011

A Few Pictures...

Dahria being Dariya

Les Enfants is a center for only boys. The only females on the grounds are workers...except for little Dariya. Dariya is the daughter of the cook at EDD. She is three years old and she is one of the most talkative kids I've ever met. She already knows basic English words and sometimes likes to sit in on English class. With 130 "brothers" at the center, you might think she would be pushed around easily. And you would be wrong. This girl is sassy and will take on even the older boys.

Looking at the Center from the field

EDD has many different buildings, including: dormitory, cafeteria, 3 classrooms, a library, a kitchen, and administrative offices. A new cafeteria and additional dormitory space is currently under construction.

Getting ready to feed the goats

The boys at EDD all contribute to running the center. Part of this includes taking care of the animals they raise to sell. They have fish, rabbits, goats, chickens, and ducks. They are also in charge of taking care of the gardens and cleaning the buildings.

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Liz said...

EDD sounds like a great orphanage. The boys are learning life skills by helping to run the center. They all look so happy.