Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yes, Man!

If you have been following my blog all along, you’ll remember that back in November the center had some very important visitors. It was a group called Catalyst Rwanda and they were here to teach the boys hip-hop and breaking. It was an incredible few weeks that flew by and everyone involved had a blast. Here are my posts from their visit:

New Friends, New Moves
Live 2 Break

It’s the end of March now and with the help of Bret Syfert, a documentary about the experience is finished titled: Yes, Man! It premiered in London this week and the full version is now available online. Check it out here:

Even more exciting is the fact that Bret Syfert and his wife Dorota are coming to Rwanda in a few weeks to take the place of Ally and I as volunteers. I know the boys will be so excited to continue their dance and English education with their help.


Bret Syfert said...

Elena!!! Thanks for posting! We are SOOOOOOO excited and are manically fundraising. Packing week ahead! Let me say this for the record - we are EXTREMELY inspired by all your amazing work at the centre! We will have some big shoes to fill when you leave. Love, Dorota

Liz said...

How cool to watch! You can tell how much the boys enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Elena -
We are so excited - two more weeks and you leave to come home! You can be very proud of all your accomplishments during the past 7 months! Safe trip home. Love, Mom and Dad