Friday, December 16, 2011

Human Rights Day: Rwanda

Saturday December 11th marked the 63rd anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights; a day recognized throughout the world. Les Enfants de Dieu was lucky enough to be selected to host one of four celebrations in Rwanda dealing with Human Rights Day. Ministers, UN representatives, local government officials, NGO representatives, and other guest were treated to a day centered on the human rights of children. We celebrated through speeches, dancing, poems, and sharing bread and Fanta!

Reading a poem

Traditional dance

My job was to work “protocol” which required me to dress like a traditional Rwandan woman, greet our guests, show them their seats, and take care of anything they might need. I was also the primary person in charge of any muzungu guests (white people). It was a beautiful day and although I could not understand many of the speeches, the general atmosphere was one of celebration, peace, and happiness.

Rwandese for the day!

Sharing food and Fanta at the end!

For more information about the event, see the article published in the Sunday Times.

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