Friday, December 30, 2011

Ask Me Anything!

From the beginning, my trip has been an incredible learning experience for myself and my friends and family back home and I want to continue to involve as many people as possible in my adventures. I know that many of my readers may have questions about Les Enfants de Dieu, Rwanda, or my daily life here on the African continent but may feel hesitant to ask. So, I've decided to introduce something new to my blog, courtesy of, a website that allows people to ask and answer questions freely. Here's how it works: I've added a "question box" (let's call it the Ikibazo Box from now on since that is the "question" in kinyarwanda) on the right hand side of my blog that looks like this:

You can type a question (remaining anonymous if you would like) about any topic you are curious about. Got something on your mind? Ask me! I hope this will spark more discussion and lead to interesting blog post in the future!

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