Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miami Beach, California

Today was washing day for the younger boys in P2 and P3. I had never seen this process, and they boys wanted me to take pictures of them, so I decided to follow along for the adventure. Usually, the boys get water from the pump right at the center. However, today there was no water (a usual occurrence, according to Claire), so the boys had to use an alternative source of water. So, I walked with them across fields of cabbage and cassava to get to what they boys call Miami Beach, California.

On our way to Miami Beach, California

Now, I have no idea where this name came from. Perhaps it was influenced by a TV show or song lyrics. The hilarity of the matter only increased when I saw what they were talking about. Miami Beach is a small stream that runs on the edge of the EDD property. The boys use a bar of soap to wash their clothes right in the water. After the clothes are washed, they let them dry by hanging them on nearby trees.

Arnold at Miami Beach

It seems that even when the boys are doing chores, they are having fun. It was a sunny afternoon at Miami Beach, California. 


Liz said...

What is cassava? Washing clothes sounded like a fun experience at Miami Beach, California. It sounds like you travelled back in time. Did they wash the clothes right in the stream or use a tub?Guess that they don't have washing machines. Something that we take for granted.

Mom said...

That is so funny!

Elena said...

Cassava is a root that people go crazy for here. It's a starch, but it is very bitter. Personally, I can't stand the taste, but the boys and the rest of the staff love it because it fills them up quickly.